January 07, 2009

Pancakes for dinner

Last night we had pancakes for dinner- (pancakes filled with spiced pumpkin and peanut butter!) a recipe called "slutty cakes" from the Kenny Shopsin book Derek got for Christmas. We ate them on the couch while watching the Zero Effect. A perfect Tuesday evening!

Derek can probably go into more detail about the book than I can, since I haven't read as much of it as he has- I'm still oohing and aahing over the photography and the pop-up book-esque pull tab on the cover. These "donut seeds" are by far my favorite thing in the whole book!


pigeon.toed said...

that sounds so delicious! i've had that book on my wishlist for a while...i guess this is one more reason to buy it!

House Dreams said...

Those donut seeds look like they'd produce some mighty fine donuts!!


Hey, where are the Krispy Kremes anyway? Haven't seen any lately.

Guess we're all on a diet.

Anonymous said...

Cute idea!

Delicate Creature said...

oh wow - that is so darn cute - donut seeds. must check out this book!

Anonymous said...