January 22, 2009

Camera Love! AND a photo assignment!

Derek scored a 1966 Mamiya Sekor camera (in the box!) at the flea market last weekend, and we've been having a blast shooting photos on FILM over the last few days. If only I could drop the habit of looking at the back of the camera for a preview every time I shoot an image...

I've also been playing with the flash I got for Xmas, and I swear it's changing my life. It's already come in handy while shooting our weekly projects for design*sponge. Hurray for camera fun!

So now that we're back in the game with our picture taking, it's time for a new photo theme for next week. If you'd like to participate, just email us your photo before next Friday (the post will go live at 1pm PST on 1/30). Next week's photo theme is: "seeing spots".

Have fun!


whosyourdaryl said...

hi lauren--what kind of flash is that?? i have a digital rebel xt and i'm looking into an add-on flash--if this one is changing your life, i'd love to know more! thanks much; love the blog!

Jessamyn Harris said...

that flash - if I'm not mistaken - is the 580 EX II? If so, I LOVE mine, too, definitely rad.
It looks like you have some sweet glass, too.
I really want to try to start participating in the photo stuff here... I think I need my mom to remind me, though.

Lauren said...

It's a Speedlite 430EX. And it's amazing!