June 05, 2008

Photo assignment: Texture

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Bev's photo

Conn's photo

Joelle's photo

Linda's photo

Meggan's photo

Leigh's photo

Sophia's photo

Molly's photo

Rachel's photo


Rachel said...

I really like Lauren's photograph! Very creative!

melissa said...

How can I participate in the photo assignment?

Conn said...

Nice showing this week.
Lauren, where did you get that quilt?

Lauren said...

Hi Melissa,
Just email me a photo and we'll post it along with the rest of them on Thursdays at 1pm. Next week's photo assignment was just posted.

Conn- the quilt is from Pier One. Just happened to walk by there on my way to Trader Joe's the other day. Saw some cute orange plates that made me think of you...