June 19, 2008

Photo assignment: Orange

I just love these "orange" photos! Big thanks to everyone to sent one in. Next week's photo assignment is: "precious". (Up to you how to interpret this theme!) Please email your photos to: info@curiosityshoppeonline.com before 1pm PDT next Thursday. Have a great day!

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Parnell's photo

Rachel's photo

Sophia's photo

Tom's photo

Leigh's photo

Linda's photo

Meggan's photo

Paige's photo

Bev's photo

Conn's photo

Joelle's photo

John's photo


Conn said...

is that a sham-wow cloth in Sophia's photo?
I'm dying for a sham-wow!

Anonymous said...


sorry to disappoint...it's a reusable towel i picked up from trader joes. i've never even heard of a sham-wow cloth, but if you're dying for one they must be pretty good. i'll have to check it out.

Rachel said...

I love John's photograph! One pink one looking right at the camera! : )

Conn said...

thanks sophia....
i see the commercial for it on tv all the time.
i have to try the "tv store" at the mall and see if they have one. it looks amazing. hmmm.

Ana said...

all of those are so great!