March 17, 2007

Mini shopping spree

Yesterday evening we headed down to Serramonte for a guilt-free shopping spree at the Japanese discount store Daiso, (where almost everything costs only a buck-fifty) and here is our loot! We got a pack of candy colored sponges, some plastic folders, a paper bottle that shoots out paper streamers, a toy for the kitties, some kraft colored sticky notes, a pack of gingham twist-ties, a little wooden mushroom cell phone charm, some felt coasters and a plastic storage container with a cute felt belly band. Oh, and two "burnt wood" planks to make shelves out of. The owl bookends will be painted either black or white. (Not too into the speckled yellow look.)

We also stopped by Target while we were down there, and I picked up this cute endangered species finger puppet kit in the toy section, complete with pre-cut felt pieces and glue. I couldn't resist...


Conn said...

cute, cute, cute!
love the owl bookends.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the owls, too!

I remember a friend's big 50 bday (can't be true can it?)
I learned the thumb technique of rolling yarn...but you guys did it in chocolate.

My yarn is: taupe/oat/spring~pollen/quail~egg.

I just made up that color name. Don't you just love names of colors?

baffle said...

The felted animal kit is adorable.

Is the shamrock/clover thing the plastic folder?

All cute!

Lauren said...

Just wait until you see the completed felt finger puppets! We assembled them last night. And yes, the plastic folders are decorated with clovers. I got an entire 5-pack for $1.50!