March 12, 2007


It was during the Oscars that I first saw the new commercial for Apple's iPhone. As with most of their promotional materials I thought it was a slick little ad. I also noticed that it was a complete rip-off (homage?) of one of my favorite artists, Christian Marclay.

It's hard to describe Christian's diverse body of work. He's a composer, a sculptor, a sound artist, a filmmaker, a photographer, a conceptual artist, a dj...the list kinda goes on and on. Anyway, here's a great little piece about him from one of our favorite old shows (canceled) on one of our favorite old channels (defunct). It is a nice introduction to Christian's biography and work, and it includes a little snippet of the video Apple ripped off, "Telephones" (1995).

(ps: while looking at some links I hit this, and am wondering if it sounds like Jerri Blank to anyone else...?)

(pps. Speaking of telephones, we recently got these little doozies in at the Shoppe, and I'm slightly obsessed with mine.)

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Conn said...

it does sound like jerri blank, but i think it is s rip off.
i'll ask.