January 07, 2010

Survival Annex Shop within the Shoppe!

Signs advertising the wide array of objects for sale in Aurora Crispin's Survival Annex (a shop within the Shoppe) that opens tomorrow, Friday January 8th 2010.

2010 is definitely starting off with a BANG here at the Curiosity Shoppe! Our wonderfully talented Shoppe Manager Aurora has curated an insanely ambitious show in our gallery space. A super artist herself, Aurora has wrangled up a long, long list of the most exciting and talented folks around to contribute to her shop within the Shoppe called Survival Annex. She and the awesomely talented Jesse Schlesinger have built an amazing structure in our gallery space that looks like some sort of surreal Gold Rush-era general store. It's beautiful and jam-packed with all manner of creative and unique and gorgeous objects. To learn more about the project, and see the list of participating artists/vendors check out the Survival Annex blog. Lauren and I also contributed to the Annex. I'm offering up 100% Raw Honey from my beehive ($10), and Lauren has created a series of crocheted spiderwebs ($25).

We hope to see you at the Grand Opening of the Survival Annex tomorrow, Friday January 8th, from 6-9pm inside the Curiosity Shoppe (855 Valencia St. btwn. 19th & 20th sts.)

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Conn said...

those spider webs are tooooooooo much.