November 02, 2009

Couch Saver

Over the years we have tried all kinds of tricks to try and get our kitties to stop scratching our furniture. For a short while we even laid aluminum foil over the back of the sofa when we weren’t home! (Someone told us that the sound would scare the cats when they jumped up onto the couch.) But they have always found ways to thwart our efforts, and therefore we have lived with shredded furniture for as long as I can remember. Store-bought scratching posts always cost way too much money and are usually pretty ugly, and who knows if your cats will even use them? They’re so picky and would always rather scratch up the furniture anyway. Softpaws worked for a little while, but were too high maintenance, and somehow Carter can still destroy fabric with them on!?

Now hopefully we have come to an agreement. We recently cleared out our closet (more on that later) and installed a little homemade scratching post on the inside wall which is basically a piece of masonite with rope wrapped around it that attaches to the wall with screws. Thankfully, they have been loooving it and seem to have forgotten about the sofa, at least for now....

1 comment:

Twilight said...

What a smart solution and so affordable! I do love the design of these cat accoutrements, but it gives you some serious sticker shock!