October 01, 2009

Pop-Up magazine

Just wanted to do a quick post about last week's Pop-Up magazine. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us, especially the amazing, amazing contributors! It was such a wonderful, exciting, interesting, fun, funny, and very special evening. There's no documentation (on purpose), but the picture above will give you a sense of the good times that were being had by all, as the audience and contributors mingled and drank and ate for many hours after the event had ended.

This was our Table of Contents, and below is a list of the contributors who made the magic happen. I've included links to many of them, some of them are either too prolific (thus difficult to pin down with Google...) or too lazy (and don't have websites), or very likely both:

Evan Ratliff, Steven Leckart, Farhod Manjoo, Marc Hawthorne, Bonnie Tsui, Philip Wood, Aaron Ximm, Jon Mooallem, Steven Okazaki, Joshuah Bearman, Elena Dorfman, Nate DiMeo, Darcy Padilla, Jeff Chang, Daniel Alarcon, Sam Green, Dave Cerf, Wayne White, Paul Schiek, David Maisel, Amy Standen, Elif Batuman, Tiffany Campbell & Andria Lessler.

Thanks again everyone...Hope to see you at Pop Up #3!!!

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