September 28, 2009

Amelie moment of the day

Made this short video yesterday of some flower petals that were dancing on an invisible spider web in front of a neighbor's house. I love how Erik Satie music makes everything sound like a clip from Amelie.


baffle said...

the choreography is PERFECT!
Such a pleasant moment in time.

Thank you.

Leigh said...

I love it! I wouldn't have wanted to miss capturing this either. Makes for a great video with the petals dancing around like that, and the music is perfect too.

Sparkie said...

A mini masterpiece! The pink and the grey! The linear, interesting door vs the delicate trapped flower! The magic of the floating. I love it. How fortuitous that you were able to film it. It's the kind of thing, had I seen it, would have just ended up a movie in my head. And the music makes it. Thank you.