July 09, 2009

Thursday Photo Assignment: "Water"

Wow, is this an all-time record, or what? Look at all these water photos!! Next week's theme is: "between". I'll be posting the images at 4pm PDT for the next few weeks, since we're working on a new project and are in meetings for the first part of each Thursday through the rest of the summer. Send your images to info@curiosityshoppeonline before next Thurs. I look forward to seeing how you interpret next week's theme!

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Conn said...

wow... what a group!
Aloha deb... is that shot from Pu'unene School?

Deb said...


aurora - such a dreamy shot. what is it of?

c - why yes:) i still get goosebumps when i look at it. . . .and i can't believe that they still drip! is your photo from your memorial weekend hike? i miss that blue.

went to sleep last night thinking of "between" . . .hmmmmm.

House Dreams said...

Wow, This may be the best group yet. Amazing, gorgeous, awesome, wonderful watery shots...so many and so diverse.

I felt my body and mind relax perusing all the wateriness. Wonderful!

Conn said...

Aloha Deb...
Actually it is from a hike along the cliffs and the Old Kings Highway at Wai'anapanapa State Park.

House Dreams said...

Pear says: These are the best. Some amazing photographers here.