November 22, 2008

Casting about...

The other day we jumped on the scooter for a little ride around the city, and at the end of the afternoon found ourselves roaming around some muddy, unmarked trails in Golden Gate Park. After what had already been a dreamy, surreal meander (the strobe of the setting sun through tall branches, the smell of wet earth, grass, and eucalyptus) we happened upon an odd little oasis: The San Francisco Anglers Lodge.

Built by the WPA in 1938, this spot has been home to the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club ever since. You can read all about the club’s illustrious history on their website, and seriously, it’s an impressive tale.

These angler folks are super friendly and gave us an impromptu tour of the lodge while patiently answering our many, many, many questions. We just couldn’t get enough. The fishing-themed d├ęcor, the beautifully tied flies, the wood, the library, the fireplace…so amazing!

We highly recommend you seek out this lovely, magical place. If you go on Saturday, December 13th, you can even get yourself a free casting lesson in one of the clubs world-class angler’s ponds.


Rachael said...

Thanks for these photos! That looks amazing--the real thing! Any more photos any where?

caroline said...

albert loves to cast there! he's an old man.