July 17, 2008

Photo assignment: Down

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Leigh's photo

Rachel T's photo

Kristin's photo

Paige's photo

Tom's photo

Fernanda's photo

Caro's photo

Laura's photo

Joelle's photo

Caroline's photo

And a special treat: Parnell's "up" photo from last Thursday!


Rachel said...

I really enjoy Joelle's photograph!

House Dreams said...

well yeah! it's our next door chicken, Henrietta. she is so resourceful, that she gets in and out of her closed or open pen.
And she tricks ravenous ravens by scooting under brush outside her pen.

And I love your bobbins.

They're just as pretty as Henrietta!

But Derek, what on earth is that shining hole in between your feet?

Anonymous said...

Hey, does Laurel ride horses on the beach? I want to, too.

Conn said...

all great.
john and i hope to be back in the game next week now that our guests are have departed.

Parnell Corder said...

Thanks for including me even though I turned in my assignment late. I will catch up for next week and do some thing for extra credit.