May 11, 2008

BEES are in the air!

I know I'm obsessed, but seriously, they seem to be popping up the fashion pages of the New York Times magazine today....For anyone who's interested, I posted some more pictures of my bees, taken by my wonderful co-keeper Christina. You can check them out here.


Anonymous said...'d probably like this shirt (i think they have it in men's and kids too):
yay for bees! good luck with your new hive :)

melissa said...

Wow! I have always wanted to 'keep' bees (Melissa means honeybee in greek). I actually have a backyard in San Francisco. I wonder if it would work out. How does one start?

Derek said...

Hey Melissa:
A great place to start is the San Francisco Beekeeper's Association. ( They are a super friendly group of beekeepers who meet every 2nd Wednesday at the Randall Museum in San Francisco ( You don't have to be a member to attend, just show up and ask questions and meet people.

Conn said...

i love the pic where you have your face net on, pants tucked into socks.... and
please 'splain