February 07, 2008

Braille is beautiful!

Over the years, I seem to have accidentally been amassing a small collection of braille-related ephemera. I'm not sure when it started...perhaps when Lauren and I were curating a show in Venice and one of the artists had this wonderfully clever piece with a big message in braille that read, "Non toccare, pericolo di morte." Haha, get it? Anyway...so I've been picking up things here and there...A Rolling Stone magazine, some bowls (ashtrays?), a little wooden braille "practice box", a notebook (from Rare Device). And then last year I noticed Braille popping up EVERYWHERE: braille graffiti, braille tattoos, braille wallcoverings, braille maps...I LOVE it!


Sequana said...

Not too long ago, I was rummaging on my shelves and found a Braille issue of Martha Stewart Living from the 80's....at least it was older....might have been a diffent decade

I'm considering putting it up on eBay....do you think it would sell? I don't even remember how or where I got it. I love those bowls you have.

Conn said...

nice collection.
my friend robert made me some napkins with french knot "braille" embroidery. white on white... very cool.
i've never used them because i did not want not ruin them... i think i'll pull them out.

Canoe said...

I was so happy to come across my little braille notebooks--glad you picked one up! It's funny that you posted it next to a Rolling Stone braille magazine, b/c there's a good chance the journal cover is from Rolling Stone (or Seventeen). So it's either an article on Queens of the Stone Age or what to wear to junior prom.

I'm currently working on braille note cards, too. Made of course with 100% reclaimed paper.

Thanks, again, Derek!

Miss Natalie