August 30, 2007

Lunch at the diner

Yesterday for lunch we headed over to Tyger's coffee shop in Glen Park, where we treated ourselves to burgers and Cokes. It's a cute neighborhood greasy spoon, right there on the corner of Diamond and Chenery, and near a great bookstore called Bird & Beckett.

This morning I did a quick internet search for Tyger's, just wondering about its history, how long it's been there, etc. They have quite an interesting website! Definitely worth checking out- it includes pictures of their "library" and their "garden" (neither of which I believe exist...) And states "the mission here at Tyger's Coffee Shop is five-fold! First, to make the extraordinary into the ordinary. We have attempted, and accomplished this part of our mission! Second, to provide our clientele, that's you, I think, with distinctive, elegant, tastful dining in a luxurious atmosphere. And, of course, this too we have accomplished!" It goes on to talk about executive chef "Hannibal Lechner", who has "brought back all of the wonderful grease that everyone has long hoped for!"

Pretty hilarious, and it makes me like it even more.


baffle said...

Too funny about The Library and The Garden!
A sense of humour goes a long way to improving the taste of a greasy burger!

John said...

Wow. The website is a trip in itself. Kind of Monty Python meets Arthur. Love the motto: Where dynamic uniqueness meets quasi-quaintness! Wha?

Alexander Santillanes said...

Ooo, I love the sign. I bet they make an awesome tuna melt. -X