May 07, 2007

Weekend Fun

Warm weather has arrived in San Francisco! I always forget how different it feels when it is sunny and warm out. This weekend I was happy to leave my scarf at home and scoot around town checking out some art and enjoying this fine city of ours.

Our weekend festivities began on Thursday evening with the opening of Optimism: A Natural Vector at our studio/gallery space. We had a great turnout, and there was even a special weaving performance by Travis Meinolf and incredible layer cakes that were made and served by Leah Rosenberg.

Friday night we attended the opening of Lovely, Dark & Deep at Doe, featuring works by Lisa Congdon and Stephanie Congdon Barnes. Beautiful, beautiful work by two sweet and lovely sisters.

Saturday I think the whole city was outside enjoying the sun. I spent the morning in Golden Gate Park, followed by lunch with Derek in Dolores Park, which was absolutely packed with picnickers and sunbathers.

Finally, yesterday we drove over to Sausalito for the Heath Ceramics open studio and sale, where we glazed tiles, ate free hotdogs and took their awesome factory tour for the second time. We just can't get enough of that place! We always leave feeling inspired and wishing we could stock all our kitchen cabinets with their beautiful dinnerware! But we will continue to grow our collection one piece at a time...

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Conn said...

The Loveley, Dark and Deep looks amazing. What a beautiful pincone. Do you know what that yellow flowere is? It looks like a hibiscus...but it could be something else. We have one here that lloks like that that is called a Hau. The flower is yellow in the morning then turns red and falls to the ground by the end of the day. Nature is mysterious thing.