April 19, 2007

Special Delivery

Imagine my surprise when I came home yesterday to find a box of flowers propped up against the door to my apartment! Turns out they were from lovely Todd, who sent me one of his very own creations from the Todd Oldham flowers from FTD collection. If you haven't already seen it, you should check it out- there are loads of designs to choose from, and most of them come interesting and reusable containers, like colanders, teapots and cheese graters. Definitely something to keep in mind as Mother's Day approaches. Below are some of my other favorite bouquets:

Speaking of Todd, he asked me to pinch-hit for him in this month's issue of ReadyMade while he was off filming the final episodes of Top Design, and here is the project I came up with. It's a garden caddy with pockets all the way around to hold your gardening tools, while the bucket is used to hold flowers and clippings. Mine is currently filled with sewing supplies and fabric, and it works great for that as well. Also, sewn onto the caddy is a "Buzz Off" patch, one of my favorite items from the shoppe. (That's me in the background of the shot, wearing a shirt that Todd designed. It's all interconnected somehow...)


PlumStitches said...

I saw the bag when my issue of Ready Made arrived and thought it was great. Also, I loved Top Design, hope it gets picked up for a second season. Flowers are gorgeous too.

Jessamyn Harris said...

ooh, so pretty!

I love the flowers and the functional bits they come with.
I'll have to watch for the ReadyMade...