February 20, 2007


My parents came into the city for a visit this weekend, and Mom brought me a whole bag full of beautiful perle cotton in the most gorgeous colors. They're small spools, so I'm thinking of doing some embroidery projects with them- maybe some pillowcases. I've done some weaving projects with perle cotton though, and seeing these wonderful threads really makes me want to weave again!

In other crafty news, over the past couple weeks I've been trying to practice my machine sewing a little bit everyday- so far I've made 2 practice shirts, one out of muslin and another short sleeved shirt out of some printed cotton I bought at the flea market. I'm definitely making progress, but I wouldn't look too closely at some of the seams! The next step is learning how to alter patterns, so the next shirt I make will actually fit me.

Finally, I finished a scarf yesterday that I'd started back in New York- one of those projects that I pick up every now and then when I'm at home watching TV or just needing something to keep my hands busy. I'll post pictures tomorrow!

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baffle said...

Pretty pic of the perle cotton!
I'll be using some of mine tomorrow when I start embroidering flowers on my latest knitted/felted English Cottage tea cozy.

I suck lemons at knitting, btw.
The felted tea cosy roof (top) does not fit the unfelted tea cosy house (bottom)