October 08, 2009

We'll Take It!

There was an interesting article in the Times yesterday about the works of art the Obama's have borrowed from galleries and museums around DC to decorate their private residence at the White House. It reminded me of a little game Lauren and I play every time we go see art called, "We'll Take It!!". With that in mind...here are a few choice pieces we'd like to borrow for our home from some local art institutions.

Three Black Fishtails by Alexander Calder, 1960
The Rebel Albert Camus: Twenty-Five Typographic Meditations, by Jack W. Stauffacher, 1969
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Promenade Deck, M.S. Brimanger, Pacific Ocean, by John Gutmann, 1933
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Alameda Gran Torino, by Robert Bechtle, 1974
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Water Tower, Toledo Ohio, by Bernd and Hilla Becher, 1978
Fraenkel Gallery

Model for Total Reflective Abstraction (after Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi), by Josiah McElheny, 2003
DeYoung Museum


Deb said...

i'm drawn to the upside-down question mark. hmmmm, maybe it's b/c i recieved a package stamped with a similar red question mark today!

thank you SO very very for my new spoooky book! i think i'll wait until AFTER my husband is finished with all of his out-of-town conferences before i start it:)

many mahalos!!!!!

Alyssa said...

If you guys haven't been to the 2 Folsom galleries, let me know, I can bring you in! ANYTIME!!


Paper Pastries said...

The first time I saw Alameda Gran Torino I was on a class field trip. I couldn't believe it was a painting I stared at it for hours! And its great that its giant. Good choices!

Paulette said...

I completely agree with the Calder--don't know if I'd want a mobile or one of his Circus pieces. And my secret daydream is to wander into some church thrift store and find a piece of his jewelry for a buck or two. :-)

Letter Paper Flower said...

I love that Bechtle painting, I saw his exhibit a few years back at MOMA and it was remarkable.