January 03, 2008

We Heart Museums

Now that we have made it through our first holiday season at the Shoppe, we are looking forward to taking the occasional day off to go museum hopping around town. There are so many good shows going on right now that we can't wait to see! Here are a couple:

The Art and Flair of Mary Blair at the Cartoon Museum.

Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart at SF MOMA.

The Sculpture of Louise Nevelson, at the De Young.

American Sampler: Corita Kent, at the USF Thacher Gallery.

1 comment:

baffle said...

Wow - I've been admiring Louise Nevelson's art for some years - and have a notion to make a new coffee table base with scrap wood - very much like the one you have pictured. Have you already seen the De Young exhibit? Would you like to go together? I need some Nevelson inspiration for my copycatitis.

BTW, I love love love the look of your new site - multiple huzzahs for Christine Craven!