January 04, 2008

Smarts & Crafts Makeover!

Welcome to new and improved Smarts & Crafts! Our lovely friend Christine Craven has been busy designing an entirely new site for us, complete with a music player so you can hear what tunes we've been listening to recently, a pinboard that shows all our current inspirations, and a "stuff we make" section that has images of all the fun crafty projects we've been working on. We love it!!

Have fun clicking around!

Oh, and ps: for those of you who subscribe to our blog via an RSS feed, please visit: www.smartsandcrafts.com to check out all the fun new stuff.


Homespun Mama said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. I think I'm gonna like it here :)

she said...

i see you have the girard love card over at the curiosity shoppe....have you seen the girard wooden dolls...theyre about 250 each...i think there were 6 designs..all were very nice.