April 16, 2009

Photo assignment: Star

Thanks for the stars everyone! Next week's photo assignment is: "spring". Send me your images before next Thurs. if you'd like to participate!

Lauren's photo

Rachel's photo

Tom's photo

Lise's photo

Jonathan's photo

Joelle's photo

Fernanda's photo

Andrew's photo

Eran's photo

Conn's photo

Deb's photo


Deb said...

thanks - how fun!

conn, what flower IS that? pretty.

fernanda, love your starfruit - making me homesick for HI:)

Conn said...

DEB!!! OMG! Great to see you here.
I saw your pic and wondered if it COULD be you. LOVE IT. The flower.... is a ... hmmm.

ok found it.
It's a HOYA. This one was growing indoors at John's folks place in NY.


Fernanda Ribeiro said...

thanks deb !

susanroweharrison said...

wow! beautiful!