September 12, 2008

the nest home tour, and more!

Last Spring when the nest was here shooting us for their most recent issue, they brought a videographer along to film a little house tour, which has just been posted on their site. So if you'd like to see a narrated tour of every single inch of our home and shoppe you can click here to check it out.

Also, here's a sneak peek of the Fall issue of Mini International magazine, featuring yours truly on the cover. Eek! Mini International is a lifestyle magazine created for Mini Cooper owners, and each issue focuses on a different international city. The next issue is all about San Francisco, and will also include a little interview with Derek and I.


Leigh said...

Neat! And with a big felt gun! I love it.

lisa s said...

you guys are so cute

lauren you look AMAZING!

Conn said...

Don't shoot.

Devon said...

that is so awesome! fun!

joy said...

congrats that cover is adorable! love it -joy